Boardman Baptist Church
Reopening May 31 for Sunday morning service at 10:45. We have taken our responsibility very seriously and have sanitized all public areas, including the restrooms, entry foyer, and worship center. There is a hand-sanitizing station in the foyer. We will practice social distancing and separation; masks are worn in public areas and one section of the Worship Center is reserved for those who want to wear their mask during the service. An orderly dismissal will be practiced at the service's end and the offering received at the exit. Bulletins will be distributed, but personal contact will be held to an extreme minimum. We want everyone to feel safe. Just remember we are God's people, members of His family and His kingdom and must extend grace as much as He has. God IS STILL on the throne!
   You can sense the presence of the Spirit of God when you walk through our doors. We are a "dependent" independent Baptist church in that we are completely and totally dependent on God. You will not find a more loving, warm, and welcoming church family than this one at Boardman Baptist Church. We stand firm on the inerrant, inspired, infallible and sufficient living Word of the living God. We lean toward the traditional, but celebrate our risen Lord with a blended style of worship. Some of our men wear white shirts and ties and the ladies wear dresses...others do not. Come and join us as we point people to salvation in Jesus Christ and He grows His church as we lift His name higher that it has ever been lifted before.
   We worship the God of the Scriptures and not any specific translation. Many of our members are accustomed to using the King James Version of the Bible. We do recommend a literal translation of the Bible since only in its original manuscripts in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek is the Bible inerrant and infallible. Our pastor recommends the New American Standard Bible, the English Standard Bible, or the New King James. The Christian Standard Bible is also acceptable. Pastor Wayne preaches mainly from the New American Standard Bible, 1977 version.